It’s your body so you get to choose your fitness goals!

When you’re a member of Sculpted by Dana you can choose the goal that is right for you. This is not a one size fits all fitness approach. Everyone is different and your fitness goals may vary throughout your life depending upon your current circumstances.

But one thing does not vary. First I will listen to you. Then together we will devise a goal and a plan that will get there.

I will use all the tools at my disposal to make you reach your goal and stay there. One thing to know is you might actually wind up in better shape than you thought was possible.

Sure, you’re almost certainly going to look better, and that is good but not as important as feeling better. Looking good and feeling great are two things that you, and your friends, will notice immediately. But only by taking a longer view will you see that being active, healthy, and having vitality will give you a quality of life that you will cherish and be grateful to have.

So what are the results you desire?
Lose Weight
Add Muscle
Improve Athletic Performance
Increase Energy and Vitality
Look and Feel Better

Your goal is your option, but good health and fitness isn’t, it’s a must.
It’s time for results, your results! It’s time to get Sculpted by Dana.

For more information on my gym and one-on-one training please contact me at

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