Attitude + Motivation + Accountabillity = Results

Our interaction is the difference between just having a plan and following through on it. Believe me I will hold you accountable for your results!
When you sign up for personalized training with me you get my experience, knowledge, and the key component, accountability!

Accountability is the Key Factor.
During my years of experience as a personal trainer, I’ve seen one factor more than any other determine success. When you sign up for personalized training I will interact with you on a regular basis.

By monitoring your nutrition, cardio, and weight training logs I can keep your workouts fine-tuned and you on the fast track. But accountability is much more than that.

Here’s something other trainers may not tell you!

Along the way I’ll encourage you to take the time to enjoy your life where you are, just the way you are. Finding joy in your daily life will do as much to bring you good health as a good fitness plan will. But together they ensure that you live in a state of ongoing and increasing health and happiness.

When you join Sculpted by Dana you get everything you need to take control of your fitness life.

    As a member you get:

  • Comprehensive assessments forms
  • Online fitness charts
  • Fitness articles, newsletters and the latest heatlh news
  • Your own personalized fitness page where you become a part of the Sculpted by Dana community

On your own fitness page you’ll be able to personalize it to get local information on fitness groups and activities. You can join in our discussions and groups and make new fitness friends. Even more powerful is the fact that you’ll be able to set your own goals and chart your progress towards your complete success.

For more information on my gym and one-on-one training please contact me at

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